Sunday, January 3, 2016

Airfix Fallschirmjäger Project

A few pictures of another project I have on the go

Ash got me a couple of boxes of these figures for Christmas

I already have x5 battalions of German para, these will eventually go towards finishing the division 

Grenadier poses were difficult to do something original with

Command figures

Will continue with these once we get into our new digs (which we have yet to find, and we move out of here this Thursday!)

Happy New Year friends



  1. I had fun with a few of these and recall the Airfix mountain troops were very compatible in terms of size as were the Luftwaffe ground crew. Good luck with your unit.

  2. The mountaineers are a good set, I'll see what I've got to play around with once I unpack :)

  3. Nice conversions! I like the command group the best.

  4. Second favouritest set after the late pattern DAK and you're working magic on them! Happy New Year Al