Monday, October 16, 2017

Modern Russians

Recently completed...

I only have a couple of companies of figures for the later Cold War era. These additions are by Zvezda.


  1. Nice - is this something you will expand on?

  2. They look good ! I have several boxes of them to build and paint up, started with the first box today, lovely figures. For added variety I also got a box of the Russian Federal Forces from Orion. The Zvezda figs are ever so slightly taller and a bit thinner but the sets can be used together.The Orion set also has several figs that arent armed with infantry weapons so I have used a couple of them as mortar crew with a scratch built mortar - Al, you convert a lot so have a look at the Orion set, very useful !

  3. Thank you Jacques, they are very good figures. I have a few of Orion figures in my cold war collection but Zvezda are better. Like to see more of your work on these