Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More from the workbench

Some pictures of Alpine Infantry. There is still some touching up to be done but these are more or less finished now. Engineer and mortar crews got head-swaps, the rest are standard. Airfix mixed with Caesar figures.
Some of the weapon slings I made turned out quite good, others not so, but I'll keep working on it because small additions like this help to create some variety among my figures.
Last couple today are of some 1950s ROK figures that I have been working on. They have a combination of several brands and styles amongst them, which should hopefully improve the look of the unit once completed.
Uniforms and equipment for the South Korean forces didn't start out too flash, and I'm trying to replicate this by changing the appearance of one in every two of the figures I have.


  1. They look nice Al. Never heard of 1950's ROK figures. They were obviously in great condition. Can't wait to see the finished product.

    On another note, since you added my blog to your blog list, I have now added your blog to mine.



  2. Thanks Jason,

    the 1950s ROK are from IMEX, I just mixed them with already available US Infantry sets and converted a few so that they fit in better theme wise.