Sunday, February 20, 2011

Truck progress 2

Not finished but getting close

This is only about the fourth truck I've ever made, though I have a few more in the queue owing to recent arrivals

Leaving the cover off as this make for easier figure portage, and left the windows out too. A little more time should see this finished soon.


  1. Sweet looking ride, I think I will leave the canopy off as well. Have our gifts arrived then!

  2. Thanks Paul, yep drop them around tomorrow

  3. That seems to be coming along nicely Al.

  4. Hope you are OK in NZ
    The earthquake looked bad

    Likewise to Paul
    For some reason I cannot post comments to hos blog

  5. Thanks Geordie, though many have been affected we are safe, my daughter arrived home from the city late last night as the university has been closed. Me and Paul live a couple of hundred Kms away from the city; I shall give him your regards, thank you