Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morris' Austin Truck

This one comes from the Airfix Emergency Set. However, I wanted it to be a troop carrier, rather than ambulance and this is what I ended up with

The well-sides are from another Airfix model that I'm working on, the Matador. I may yet add a tarp-frame to it or perhaps a Bren gun mounted somewhere. This is a really simple kit with a lot of possibilities. Keep on Truckin.


  1. OK - I'll be the smart-arse who points out that it's actually an Austin. Not that it matters - it's a very neat and useful conversion. Well done.

  2. Nice work, I was thinking the same thoughts myself when building the ambo.

    Keep up the posting!

  3. Cheers boys, Austin it is then

  4. Maybe it´s an Austin but the guy driving it is called it´s morris´s truck...that is an Austin...ok...I´m talking c++p
    Nice truck ...did the driver come with it?

  5. Bren gun it will be then.

    Lol Paul, okay so it's Morris' Austin, yeah the driver came with it