Sunday, December 4, 2011

Games Week Progress

Every year me and Dave get together for a games week; still haven't decided what I'm going to do for my contribution yet. This year Dave is working on a Pacific scenario and the various bits and pieces to go with it.

Dave is working on a shoreline map and has painted the scale onto the base tiles, the landing craft are placed to check for scale

Some of the atoll's minor hill features

Another scale shot

The map of Tarawa at about an inch to fifty yards. This may need to be 'bath-tubbed' as units and maps often are in this hobby. Because playability is important to us we often lift the playing area by scaling it up, as we did for the Tarakan game a couple of years ago

Sea wall

With beach and landing area

Here is a test fit. Usually we would now measure different areas to get an accurate idea of how many models etc can be placed in a certain area, without having them packed in cheek by jowl and thus inaccurate in terms of man-to-ground-ratio

Some of Dave's Marines getting in some practice work.


  1. Wow, I'm really jalous! Excellent terrain in the making!

  2. I look forward to reading more about this project. Marines are on my long list of future plans...

  3. Some great looking scenery mate.The pack guns look great too.

  4. That American mountain gun from Waterloo attracts my attention, I'll have to look out for that

  5. You boys don't do things by halves...are you going to let us know&see what happens during that week?

  6. Wow! That's a fantastic setup. Looks like you are going to have a great gaming week.

  7. Thanks as always lads. Dave is indeed a terrain making machine. Agree on the mountain guns, might get some for my para. Tim: that would be Royal Marines I presume:)?

    Will post some progress as it happens...


  8. Great great great!!
    Did I mention that you guys are doing a great job???
    Waiting eagerly for the whole thing!

  9. Actually no - I was thinking of the US variety with the Pacific in mind. My 20mm Japs are getting a bit restless....