Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Panzergrenadier Project

Going to take a while this one but here is the first two of three battalions needed for my 1943-45 Panzergrenadiers

Mostly Pegasus figures but there quite a few from others sets as well

Base coated and washed

Will try to have the last of them based tonight and show you all some progress later in the week.


  1. Hi Al, I'm waiting for progress...


  2. Plenty of variety there Al

    I see:
    Airfix DAK
    Esci/Italeri German Infantry
    Revell German Engineers
    Revell Panzer Grenadiers

    The Pegasus are probably the ones I don't recognise

  3. Wow, that will be a lot of work! I´ll be glad to see them finished!

  4. Nice variety of figure there - and well done to Geordie for spotting them. What transport do you have planned for these chaps?

  5. Thanks boys and, yeah, well spotted Geordie. At present I've only got enough half-tracks to mount a company, but I can do a full battalion in trucks. Will see what Father Christmas brings:)

  6. As said some good work there Al, Maybe for transport they could hitch a ride on your motorbike?

    I see you have taken over the kitchen again, Tracey must have a heart of gold.

    Well done.

  7. Lol Paul, the kitchen take over will cost me when she wants something :)

  8. A hell of a lot of work mate, looks like you've got your Christmas sorted!

    Cheers Rich.