Sunday, November 18, 2012

Something different

I've been threatening myself to do this for ages, and so as a break from other current projects, this is what I have done so far

All sanded and base painted before anything was stuck together

Quite a detailed kit considering most of this is unseen upon completion

I like all of my aircraft to have crew where possible, and so converted three vehicle crew figures for the positions of pilot, bombardier and gunner

This is probably the among the largest class of bomber that can be used practically in CD3, though scenarios  can include almost anything you like. 


  1. That looks like an impressively big model!

  2. That is properly big isn't it. In those days the bombs weighed into the tons and the payload those boys carried was big. Looking forward to seeing her finished.

  3. I always picture Lockheed Hudsons looking for U-Boats Al ;)

  4. Thank you all, it's a challenge so far, for a kit made in 2005 it has a couple of engineering issues that have surprised!

  5. Nice start. It will be worth it when you finish. Where will you store the completed kit?

  6. Thanks all. Mike, see above :)