Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WW1 Italians

The latest of my Great War units out of their box for a bit of a touch up...

This is an engineer company, I used the flame thrower nozzle from the Airfix WW1 German set to give these a bit more detail

Weapons Company

Will try for some better pictures once they've all had a paint-work touch-up

Another rifle company

Several of the figures had backpacks added from Green-stuff for a bit of variety

The whole battalion is four rifle companies, a weapons company and an attached engineer company, most of the figures are by Waterloo 1815. As usual I have a few other projects on the go but this is all I have to show you for now


  1. I like the poses on those guys and nicely done on adding those backpacks. Details like that make a huge difference.

  2. The backpack is a cool idea that i will steal.

  3. Thanks all, appreciate the comments. Pity there aren't some other WW1 Italian figures available for us collectors:)

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  5. A much neglected army during the Great war. Nice for you, you made such a wonderful job Al. :)

  6. I missed this post when you posted it, but I couldn't resist commenting, as I always wanted to make a ww1 italian army. I didn't buy those waterloo figures because I didn't like them at first. Your good paint job really redeemed them, though.