Thursday, January 31, 2013

Berlin 1958

First post from Australia. Forgot I had another game from this year's games week to show you all. Me and Dave set up a small cold war game, set in 1958 somewhere on the outskirts of Berlin. This time, the Allies were the aggressors

Opening moves. Both sides make every effort to occupy the towns to provide staging areas and places to mass troops

My lot. x1 motorised infantry regiment x2 companies of Chieftain tanks x1 of Comets (obsolete by 58 but included because I like them)

Dave's Soviets, plenty of obsolete stuff here too. He had more tanks and infantry but my forces were faster, so it was reasonably balanced game

Some of Dave's forces moving through a field. Figures are mostly Airfix but there are a few Orion and Esci in this unit too

British recon

T55s in under-strength companies. These are Paul's excellent models, I think by Trumpter?

The RAF was looking to strafe the Soviet truck column but it reached the safety of the town just in time

British air-landing company gets dropped in behind the Soviet motor-rifle battalion and begin to dig in 

Meteor by Airfix

Soviet armour advancing to contact. Armourfast T34/85s on point

Soviet infantry taking up positions inside the town closest to their start line

British in the town closest to theirs

Russian Mig15 arrives to strafe a British truck column, but the American Sabre is flying an air-superiority mission, so the Mig is forced into a dogfight 

These T34s got a bit to close to the Chieftains and the entire company was destroyed during turn 3

British RHQ

Turn 4 was another bad one for the Soviets, losing a second company of T34/85s (Plastic Soldier Company) to the Chieftains

The British were pretty confident at this stage

Turn 5. A second air-landing company is deployed behind the Soviet occupied town

Airfix modern British figures in NBC kit

The Sabre (Matchbox) gets the initiative over the Mig and nearly shoots it down, this allowed a second battalion of British infantry to enter the town unmolested. Mig is by Hobby Boss

Soviet reinforcements

An AA halftrack attempts to finish off the Mig but the Soviet aircraft is too fast and makes its escape, though severely damaged from its dogfight with the Sabre

Airfix Chieftains begin to move forward now that the numbers are a bit more even. 

A Call to Arms British Infantry heading towards the far end of the Russian held town

The RAF attacked anything in the open and avoided all the ground AA fire that the Soviets threw up against it

Matchbox Comets

Italeri IS2s, upgraded to IS4s for this game

After eight turns we called it a draw. The British had really good field position but the Russians still had an advantage in numbers. 

Used a friends net connection to post this, more as soon as I get my own. Thanks for all the kind words of support and best wishes to you all. Unfortunately we have moved into a disaster zone thanks to ex-tropical cyclone  Oswald (Hervey Bay) but hopefully things will come right soon


  1. That is a cool AAR; thanks for posting it. A lot going on.

  2. Great photos and game. Nice mix of kit- suppose that is the advantage of going for 1958 as a game date.



  3. This is perfect timing :D
    Its quite inspiring, now I need to work on my Soviets and US.

  4. Another excellent battle report and photos!

  5. It's great to see all the 50s kit on the table. Looks like an awesome battle.
    Take care and be safe down there.

  6. So, you are in Queensland...

  7. A truly excellent battle report, best of luck in the new digs, hope everything is up and running very soon!

  8. Thanks everyone, great game it was, thanks for the thoughts too :)