Monday, January 14, 2013

The Ponyri area 1943

The main event from Games Week 2013

Russian HQ positions , center of their battle line

Early losses for the Reds, a full recon company lost through patrolling too far ahead of any supporting units

German airpower, this is from early on in the game

Reserve Germans moving up towards Ponyri, tanks are from Paul's collection

What was left of the Russian recon battalion was then obliged to take on the Stugs, with fairly predictable results :(

This is some of Dave's force (heavy tank battalion) about to be committed, tanks and figures by Pegasus. We used naval infantry figures just to give them a run, they use the normal Russian infantry stats

Some of Paul's engineers testing the defenses in the center of the board, though this position was never seriously attacked owing to its minefield and entrenched infantry, supported by AT guns and artillery it was a formidable defensive position

More air attacks on the recon battalion, old Revell Me110

Motorcycle infantry moving up to support the Stugs

Russian units were being broken and rallied in a factory-like manner all night :)

Most manufacturers had a T34 on the table :) 

The Russian center

AAMG units did little to reduce the Luftwaffe attacks :(

The Stugs leave the remaining Russian infantry to the now dismounted motorcycle troops

Some of Dave's armour attempting to get close enough to the Ferdinands to penetrate their thick armour

Player of Day

These bad boys ran out of ammo, and still there were targets

The Russians gain a little ground back over at the farm area with the arrival of the T70s, and some additional infantry support

On the edge of the village, big slug-fest

Busy boys all night, guns are by unimodel (thanks Tim) figures are apparently by Mars 

Just inside the village, German infantry begins to arrive in strength

Infantry gun company, the 150 is by Caesar, Matchbox truck to the rear

We only played about 15 out of the 18 turns allocated, but great time had by all.


  1. Looks like a lot of action on the table. I'm envying those of you who are getting in games this week. I live in a wasteland of idiots who don't know what gaming is :(

  2. Sorry to hear that Anne, I'd go mental without the odd game here and there, especially during holidays :)

  3. Fantastic photos and report Al!

  4. Marvellous stuff Al. The unit of BA-6 armoured cars is having a bad day...

  5. Great stuff - looks like there was plenty of action (and cotton wool)!

    1. Thanks guys, Tim the BAs were the only real loss on that flank, but yep, bad day :(

  6. Wonderful photos, a great table and a very nice report!

  7. Wow, look at all that cool kit! Planes and armoured cars and quad AA MGs and Russian sailors, oh my! I especially like that Russian lady in the dress standing nonchalantly not far away from the STUGs.
    Great looking game.

    1. thanks, Tracy let me use her Nikon, MP, nice of you to say so

  8. Magnificent looking game Al. I love the way you guys integrate a/c into the fray. Gives it a whole new dimension. Literally!

  9. Yes you and Dave put on a good show ole boy. I do like how you forgot to mention the Jim Beam factor into the play.

    Nice pic's mate.

    1. Yeah, we drink a bit lol. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments guys :):):)

  10. Looks like it was a an epic battle and that there was fund to be had by all. Thanks for sharing it!

  11. Spectacular looking game. Great models and a wonderful table set-up.