Sunday, February 17, 2013

Historical gaming with the Warlords...

Another trip to the Warlords this week saw the introduction of historical gaming as part of my grand scheme to convert them all eventually to CD3

Most of the clubs scenery kit is for fantasy gaming but I found a few bits and pieces that didn't look too out of place for an early war clash between German and French forces

Mixed Pz35 & 38t company advance across open country on their extreme right flank

Two rifle companies supported by an anti-tank gun platoon race to intercept them

Blocking positions. Gun by Early War Miniatures, crew is Esci & HaT, Lorraine is a scratch build from model maker extraordinaire Gerard Davey of Hokitika

German left, Matchbox PzII & PzIII company supported by infantry, also Matchbox

This company secured some high ground in the middle of the board and spent the rest of the game fending of German assaults by infantry and armoured cars

Turn 4. The French left begins to bend as casualties mount; figures are by Pegasus

Same turn saw a very determined German attack on the French center

Which resulted in one of the few French AFVs (weak in this case) being forced from the fight

Turn 5. Despite damage to most of their tank companies the Germans secure the road objective, and additionally squeeze the French into a tight perimeter around the high ground in the middle of the board

End game, shattered French left. The game went well with a lot of actions across the board, and three new players blooded in the rules for historical gaming. Great stuff all round.


  1. Bring them back into the light Al, good work sir.

  2. Very nice pictures here! Nice report!

  3. Did you draw some interested spectators?

  4. Nice post Bootneck. Tasty French forces on show as well.