Sunday, March 10, 2013

Aussie Acquisitions

Right. I finally have a place to live, some wheels, a new Jiu Jitsu dojo, and a part-time job, but most importantly an internet connection; which is no mean feat in itself given that all internet providers over here think that if you live outside one of the big cities, then by default you count as living rural!

 Anyway, a trip to the local toy shop produced these Gurkhas which I have never had before; might turn a few into WW1 figures if I can find some HaT ANZACs to use as donor figures

Next, another first for me, this cool heavy truck. I've wanted one since my mate Paul over at did one ages ago. Its previous owner has already started it but that doesn't matter. Back to regular blogging! Happy, happy, joy, joy!


  1. Good to have you back, so to speak. What is the job market like over there for a Kiwi teacher?

  2. Does the fact that the earth stays still out weight the fact that all the animals and insects are trying to kill you.??

    Good to have you back.


  3. Some good buys there Al, I like the idea about the Gurkhas, maybe get some Hat WW1 Canadian Infantry for the poses.

    I hope that fellow made a reasonable job with the Scammell, it can be a tricky beast to tame.

    Nice one.

  4. The vehicle and the chaps are classic and will scrub up beautifully. Blog away...we'll all be watching.

  5. Good to hear from you Al. I too have a box of Scammell bits I really should deal with.

  6. Thanks guys, progress asap :)

  7. Wow, a store that carries Airfix; and you only had to cross the Pacific Ocean to find it.