Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Big City Trip

Spent some time in and around Brisbane for week 

First up, five nights here where I met and worked with other veterans, very cool

After that a trip to the Brisbane Library to meet and hear my favourite fantasy author, Raymond E Feist; before this stuff I only ever read history and politics with maybe the odd biography. Ray is a very modest man who writes good stories including, one of my top-books-to-read-ever- A-lister, Magician 

Next up, to the Sunshine Coast, where I found this little underground wonderland, Nambour Hobby Centre, which produced the following...

British material for my cold war collection

And for the Russians... The figures will mostly be converted to carry assault rifles, as I did with these and these Most of my cold war collection is 50-70s, so far...

Always wanted some of these

This is for Paul (will post tomorrow:)

Not sable but certainly good enough vehicles and scenery

x2 for $1. I've seen Landcruisers all over the world so that one won't look out of place anywhere once painted, as for the Chevy I'm undecided. All in all a pretty good week away. 

Lastly, can anyone recommend where best to get recoilless rifles from in either metal or plastic in 20mm?


  1. Sounds and looks like a good trip, good haul too!

  2. It looks like it was a good trip.
    The stash has grown well :D

  3. Some nice additions to the collection there, as to a source for 1/72 RCLs - Get hold of the Mars Mujahideen set, as it has a nice RCL on each sprue.

    Here is link to a seller on Aussie ebay:

    and here is a link to some pictures of the sprue (you should get four in a box from memory):

    Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks lads, great stuff uncle B!