Tuesday, June 11, 2013


A bit of progress on this kit I started a week ago...

Undercoated, base coloured, washed and highlighted on sprue; well a wee bit anyway :)

Pilot detail, still needs some work

First ever attempts at rigging, with mixed results but I've learnt a bit from this experience that I can apply with slightly more confidence when I eventually tackle my Handley-Page 0/400

I'm an 'assignment marking machine' at present but will hopefully get my life back towards the weekend, and finish this little item; as always, keep you posted :)


  1. Pretty jolly cool Al! Hadn't thought to paint, wash and highlight on sprue...

    I'm impressed that you've had the time to do this much. We've got our first production performances tomorrow, reports due way too soon after that, and then parent interviews. Oh but I wish I could pick up a paint brush!

    1. lol mate. Good luck with the show, we had a little one of our own today, a student had to be 'Tazered' and his dad almost followed suit when he came down for a 'chat'; like father like son :):):)

  2. Dat's a sweet looking ride Biggles!

  3. Very nice! I look forward to seeing the finished article!

  4. You brave man! Great War aircraft? Rigging? Aieeeee! The only one I'd contemplate is the Fokker DVII...

  5. Thats reminded me I haven't rigged my 'Se' since making it on holiday the other summer....stretching sprue in the holiday cottage would have been frowned upon!....good luck rigging the 'big un'

  6. What make is the kit? I had the Revell SE5 some decades(!) ago - inspired by having seen 'Aces High'.

  7. Spot on as usual mate it is a Revell SE5, nice simple little kits

  8. Oh ... Al
    I have painted three of these in 1/144
    But I do have a Revell kit shouting at me from a box in the loft

    It's day will come
    But not this year methinks
    I am in a WWII D-Day 1944 mode just now