Saturday, January 3, 2015

4D Models

Thought I'd show you all a closer look at these 4D models the girls got me. They are from China, you get x8 models in each, WW2 and Cold War vehicles from a random selection of nations, about ten parts per kit, the jury is still out on just about every thing else about them :) Oh yeah, x8 models for about AUD$17 including postage

Anyway... here is the Tiger I

As you can see, the picture reference doesn't quite much the actual detail on the model, but is there or there abouts...

I don't have another plastic Tiger I to compare it against, but here it is next to a PzIII (which I'm not sure is 1/76 or 1/72) and a Esci PzI

Here's the StugIIIg

The only other assault gun I have to compare it with is this Trumpeter StugIIIb, looks like the super structure is bigger than 1/72 in this case! The road wheels are not ever close to accurate but hopefully I'll find some spares in my bone-yard to attempt a fix-up on this problem - most of the kits have this lower half representation, the exception at this stage being the Tiger I

As the holidays progress and I get a bit of down time with these I'll show you what I come up with. Also, Games Week this year will be in week two or three, because right now I'm hanging out with the girls, theme parks, zoos, movies, etc.

Best wishes to all this year.


  1. a great bunch of vehicles anyway, much stuff to work with!
    i'm waiting to see what you'll do with them!
    happy new year.

  2. The Tiger looks a little bit strange in my mind. Do you have a link to their shop? The modern Russians are looking interesting.



      Hope this helps Uwe, the models are okay but need work to improve accuracy

  3. Gorgeous series, manufacturer unknown to me.
    88 bergepanzer and M42 seems very interesting...

  4. They do have a good bit of detail. Nice kits.

    Now have fun with your girls!

  5. That's a great bunch of kits; I can tell it's a Tiger. I've made camo nets and tarps to cover up damaged vehicles, if there's something that doesn't look right, get out the tissues and old panty hose and have at it.

  6. Nice models.Thankyou for posting this.Are there any Centurion tanks from 4D-models?

  7. Thanks for making us aware of this company. I suppose it was only a matter of time before we started seeing model kits from China (as opposed to pirated ones). I wonder when they'll show up in stores here in Canada?
    Best for 2015 (if it's not too late to say that).

    1. Thanks Michael, have enjoyed your last few works mate, all the best to you too :)