Thursday, August 27, 2015

Postie Surprise

I love it when you order something and then forget you've ordered it :)

I got these aircraft a while ago, not sure what I'll do with the Dragonfly; don't really have anything else in this era, I think I might have picked it out for someone else

Our weekly trip to the post office was an unexpected bonus, I'd totally forgotten about these Armourfast additions - excellent!


  1. Nothing quite like a present from yourself - at least you always like what you get!

  2. Surprise self-gifts are always fun to receive. As, of course, are the self-gifts which aren't a surprise :)

  3. You're not spending too much time in the sun up there are you Al? Sounds like you're getting forgetful....on purpose!

  4. lol gang, cool hanging out with like minded people :)

  5. LOL Yes have done that myself, Hell I'm still finding stuff I packed away while I was still in the army (and I've been retired 16 years!) that I had completely forgotten I had...)

    Still a pleasant surprise !