Thursday, August 13, 2015


Progress on my inaugural-cave-christening game has stalled a bit. Once I started putting the Allied OOB together I quickly realised I was short on a lot more kit than I first thought :( 

Here is the beginning of the Allied forces, short on transport, anti tank guns and gunners, and that's after bath-tubbing!

The beginning of the German line up, still another panzer battalion to add

Bit and pieces I'm working on, M/C side car combo for my BEF, Pak37 (thanks Col!) and some Airfix gunners - there not really being much else available in terms of British gun crew figures :(

Another Matilda II and some repairs I need to make on stuff like bikes.


  1. Good progress mate. I have a couple of things from Gerard he forgot to add to your order.

  2. I can see how moving is described as the 3rd most stressful thing you can do. I think the actual unpacking of your belongings is the most stressful!

    1. Agreed! Especially when your belongings is your very cool collection of toys

  3. You're doing fine! It won't be long before you're good to go on the latest game and it will be a bench mark to your further progress!

  4. Looking good, apart from a woeful shortage of trucks IMHO :-)

    Regards, Chris.