Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Revell 105s

These are from the most excellent Revell horse-drawn artillery 

I got these loose, along with a few other bits and pieces but never had the entire set, which I'm now on the lookout for

A lack of wheels for one of them meant I had to improvise with some spoked wheels from something a lot older; doesn't look too bad though

Each was shaded with thin black ink, then painted with Vallejo German Uniform and Highlight German Grey

I had just enough crew figures to man each piece. Might try and elevate the barrels a bit before inclusion in the scenario I'm working on.


  1. Nice work
    comfortable and full, the fire battery

  2. As usual, great job Al. If you want, send one of those wheels and I'll cast some up for you.

  3. Very nice indeed. Revell did us all a great service by producing these fabulous pieces

  4. Cheers gang, a classic set I reckon

  5. Well disappointed Al!...Saw "Revell 105's" in the blog list and though you'd amassed a battery of the old Skycrane kit load, was preparing to be amazed....

    ...a deflated H!

  6. lol H, not sure I'd know that kit if I fell over it :)