Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hasegawa Mercedes Benz Staff Car

Bit of a classic this

Here's what it looked like to begin with. My mate Col gave me this a while ago. Check out his Blog, if you haven't already seen it

After some thought I decided to remove the flags

A jerrycan fell off and I still have to touch up a couple of areas, otherwise it's tabletop ready

Crew figures by Fujimi

This is what I had in mind when I started


  1. That's lovely Al, and the last photo is fascinating...when I made mine I wanted to 'combat-ops' it up, but it was before the Internet and the best info I could find was that some were silver, some where black and one 'might' have been chocolate brown, so I did it parade-style, in silver, with the flags...different mudguards in the photo as well! H

    1. interesting Hugh, when looking for research pictures I was a bit surprised there wasn't actually much to choose from; seems standard staff car (with flags) was, by far, more common

    2. Well...the same sources I found way back when also couldn't agree on the production numbers, but seemed to think they only in the teens...sort of six black, six silver and a couple of chocolate brown ones...but again no agreement, and they would have all ended up in combat, just for the '44/45 shortages? Looks dead war'y in matt grey!

  2. Very nice work- good find with the photo reference too.



  3. Silk purse out of a pigs ear mate. Considering only 57 or so were made, this is probably the only on you will ever need.


  4. I just want to know what the Fuhrer is going to get around in now! A Kublewagen just won't do, you know!

  5. Hi
    The fine modeling
    :) Style and passenger comfort involved in scout activities
    I think that this model is one of the Hasegawa "flagship"

  6. I painted mine sand color to use as Rommel's command car.