Wednesday, December 23, 2015

75L11 Japanese Mountain Gun

Excellent little infantry guns by Waterloo 1815, the design dates from 1898

One with shield

and, one without

A couple of pictures of the real deal. This one is at my local (sort of) RSL. We had a few going-away drinks there the other night, and I took these pictures to show you

This one was captured around the Milne Bay area of operations in 1942, and presented to the town in 1946 as part of a collection of field pieces from both wars. Several of the town's men fought in the Pacific theatre during WW2, hence the connection with this one.


  1. Nice one mate. Have a merry xmas cobber.

  2. They're dinky little things aren't they!

    Happy Christmas to you and those around you Al, and all the best in 2016!


    1. Good on you Hugh, best to you also