Friday, December 18, 2015

Japs - progress

Started this project a long time ago. I have x1 painted (Matchbox figures) and x4 semi painted (Waterloo 1815 & Esci figures) battalions that are out for a touch up

I'm building an entire 1941-43 infantry division, so I need to add another x4 battalions, for a total of x9

These will be made up from this lot, Revell, Airfix, Matchbox, Esci, Waterloo 1815 and some old Hong Kong copies

Also, gearing down for another move so these might take a bit longer than I'd like. I plan on building up my Pacific War collection quite a bit next year.


  1. Those HK ones will paint-up OK, new poses! And I spy an Axis & Allies fig there too?

    Happy Jap-painting Christmas!

  2. Another move - you've only just got your table set up! The Japs look great.

  3. nice , Div size gaming farout ...

  4. Thanks boys, don't know if I'll ever get to field a full division though :)

  5. I like these figures
    Especially the Airfix
    Need to get those Revell, I mean old Matchbox ones too