Monday, February 15, 2016

The joy of receiving

First up, a Nitto 88mm, excellent, and a Hasegawa Kubelwagen and bike combo for my (now) planned motorcycle infantry battalion 

Joy! Boneyard tanks. The S35 is the excellent Heller kit, the M24 is for my Korean War collection, the Sherman is a bonus as I'm trying to eventually build a battalion of these

Couldn't have come at a better time for my stalled Japanese division project, these will help provide command and weapon stands, amongst other things

These are 28mm New Zealanders and will probably be used with our zombie board game as the government forces counter, though we're still using the basic rules for this game

A couple of T34s from the talents of Gerard Davey. I am chuffed to get these because I only have a few of these models, they'll get a repaint to fit with my others

Another of Gerard's work and the only one in my collection, the mighty SU152.

I got a couple of other nice things too but I'll show you those later.

Cheers Paul.


  1. Great stuff Al!
    Let me know if you could use any more WW2 British infantry.
    You can drop me an email at jacksarge777 at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks Jack, might just take you up on that.


  2. S35 is a Tim Gow cast off, as is the Sherman. Probably more to come after I get my act together.

    Those 28mm are really kiwis. You can tell since they have no fancy kit!

    1. Thanks to the pair of you then. That's funny about the kit, when I joined up we were told that our kit was at least twice as old as we were and had seen more action than we ever would :)

  3. yeah paul , get your act together ...
    good score Al ..