Saturday, June 18, 2016

Another 88mm

Painted early war style. Paul sent me this a while ago and I finished it this week in between other things currently on the go

Like all of my 88mm guns it is modeled in its firing position 

A couple of pictures with crew

No idea what happened to the company but this one is by Eidai, maybe more like 1/76 scale, not sure?


  1. Not too shabby mate! Yep 1/76.

    My 88 is longer than your 88!

  2. Great job.
    Looks nice.
    :) Besides, short pipes are much more practical, as long

  3. Cool. Me like very much. You can never have too many 88's you know.

  4. Thanks boyz, got a complete unit of these now :) One of the things I like about CD3 is that you get to use lots of kit