Thursday, June 2, 2016

Armourfast Cromwell

This is a very simple kit with good detail. Over 4000 of these were built, operational 1944-55

I made it up as a command unit because its inclusion now sees me with a full company of these

The command figure is by PSC and comes in the early war cruiser kit

Pictured here beside my older ones, which are by Revell

A very welcome addition courtesy of Jack. 


  1. The detail looks okay. I find Armourfast to be a good way to quickly build up my armour forces without having to worry about complex building times.

  2. great Al , keep it up !!!
    sorry , is there a game plan ??

  3. Thanks boys, I like these kits too, quick builds are getting better and better - cheers Jack :)

    Pacific game coming up Dave, I'm away a bit for work so time is short :(

  4. Good looking coffin there mate.

  5. Looks great Al! Maybe one suggestion? Do some more work on the weels. They look new in comparison with the other tanks!;-)