Monday, August 22, 2016

Morane Saulnier

I have had this in the stash for a long time, it is my only French aircraft

A very old kit. Not particularly well engineered

it did, however, come with its own pilot figure - bonus!

The decals disintegrated at the mere sight of water, so I found some Italian ones and painted them as best I could 

Not my best work but it will do.


  1. nice Al , 1,098 built they say ,telescopic gunsight ( to see the white of there eyes ) still out class by bf 109's

  2. Nice painting work, and fine machine
    here was lot of them
    (Read also Bogey or Ogre Morane)

  3. A good example of how rapid development was in the 30s and 40s. The little Morane was fine when it was designed, but was soon outclassed by the Me 109. However, the French had the Bloch MB152 and the Dewoitine D520 coming along and would soon have been able to match the German machines, but they didn't have enough of the new kit to run a strategy like the Brits four months later who could pit the Spits against the Mes and the Hurricanes against the bombers. the Moranes were just that bit underpowered and underarmed.

    1. Nice bit of history there LG, and cheers lads, I'd like a bomber to add to my French collection one day

  4. Not a bad job at all, settle for it as French 'plane kits ain't exactly common

  5. Looks cool, a model made is better than a model "just in the box"

  6. Looks cool, a model made is better than a model "just in the box"