Friday, August 19, 2016

New figures + progress

Never thought I would ever see New Zealand soldiers made in plastic

Strelets is certainly delivering consistently in unusual subjects, and their products (especially sculpting) are getting better all the time

couple of poses here of the Kiwis in their famous 'Lemon Squeezer' head dress; including a minor alteration I'm looking to make on these

This is my early war Aifix German para project at about the halfway stage

Last couple represent a platoon of the RAF Regiment that I need for my next map scenario.


  1. Looks like you have a lot of what you need to fight the Crete campaign!

  2. Those RAF conversions look very good. Having plastic NZ soldiers in production is very cool. I'm guessing (like Michael) that you are planning on running some Crete scenarios soon?

  3. Nice one lads. Yeah, once I finish with Sealion we're moving to the Med. Me and Dave did Op Mercury once before but lacked the right numbers to do it well

  4. Since the Kiwi's were plonked in the UK as Sealion defence troops, they could be good for that period.

  5. ;) Wide brimmed hats are nice looking, I like them.
    Is this a new manufacturer
    I have not seen before...

  6. just new figs Maxi - Strelets