Sunday, October 16, 2016

M3 halftrack

Another for the motor pool, this one is by Academy

Quite a good kit

Here is the rest of my M3 collection out of the box for a touch up.


  1. Nice collection Al. The MG pulpit on the Academy model needs a clip - the armoured side extension was not found on any WW2 variant, a mistake repeated more recently by PSC...

    CHeers, Dave

  2. You can never have too many M3's - although you're coming close with that impressive collection!

  3. Wow..had to check my own box of M3's in case you'd nicked it! It's just about identical. Mainly Airfix with some matchbox etc. I'm inspired to get them out and join you in a restoration. Thanks for posting.

  4. Nice collection for a refurbishment mate.

    Good skills.

  5. Cheers boyz, I'm going to keep adding to these... slowly :)