Saturday, November 19, 2016


Been working on this all week
Did I say Fujimi? I meant NITTO - thanks lads :)

I made it up as un-buttoned. I have another of these, so this will represent the command platoon 

Crew figures from the spares box

This is quite a detailed little kit for its age, well engineered

Pictured beside a Stug IIIb by Dragon

Basically the same assault gun, slightly improved, only a couple of hundred were manufactured before it was again improved, eventually becoming the very successful Stug IIIg.


  1. I remember getting one of these kits in the 90's and enjoyed making it apart from the rubber tracks. Good little scwimm wagon too.

  2. Good looking addition mate.

    How did you get on with the tracks? These ones are very dodgy and I am surprised given the age of the kit they have not perished.

    1. mate, I used the tracks from those kits from China, like the ones I sent you :) Finally found a use for them :):)

  3. Must say, I do like Nitto kits - except the lousy tracks of course but you didn't use them! Nice one...

    Cheers, Dave