Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Game. France, 1944

A small game played out by me and Dave. He play the US, me the Germans


US armoured infantry wasted no time in securing their right flank by occupying the only built-up-area on the map

This is the German right flank. Owing to heavily wooded areas their advance was much slower than the Americans, which cost them important field position

PzIVs supported by assault guns and a company of infantry attempt to control a crossroads that was roughly half way between the two sides

With some success. The lead company of Sherman tanks took some hits, however their morale was unaffected. Vehicles here are Italeri

More US forces enter the fight via the main road. The Germans had this area fairly well covered, but not for long...

The PzIV company is all but destroyed by anti tank gun fire and the battered by still capable Shermans 

A risky assault by the StugIIIg company proved disastrous, with two platoons damaged or destroyed by side armour hits 

German infantry take out the anti tank gun position....about three turns too late! Figures here are mostly Revell

With vehicle and infantry losses getting heavy, the Germans tried to anchor the center of their line

About turn 6. The US forces counter attack the German center, with a number of the enemy failing morale checks and fleeing their positions

A final big effort by German infantry attempted to force the Americans out of the village area, which would have allowed some flanking attacks by what was left of their armour

Too little, too late. Despite some decent results the Germans just didn't have enough of anything in the right field position to force the Americans out of theirs. 
David played a really good game. His armoured forces were not as powerful as the Germans and he used the terrain and his infantry to snuff out most of the German attacks.
In terms of position and losses the game was a clear victory to the Americans.

First game we've had in ages, and there'll be plenty more to come. All of the kit in this scenario is from Dave's collection.


  1. Great to see you back in action!

  2. Nice to see plenty of Revell figures on the table!

    Cheers, Dave

  3. Good looking game. Your Command Decision games have almost inspired me to look at CD as a set of rules to consider. Very inspiring.

  4. CD is good for large games - battalion size +

    Cheers lads

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