Monday, November 20, 2017

Making Trees

The ever resourceful David Russell shows us how to make decent trees...

Double wire insert

Measuring the trunk

Cut twine is added to the wire

And spun tight using a drill

The tree is placed in a jar filled with glue and scenery flock

The end result
Practical and inventive as always.

NB child labour was used in the construction of these items..... this time at least :)


  1. Very impressive, nice and creative job!

  2. Looking good, Al! I've knocked up a couple of experimental trees; may even get round to posting them one day! 😁

  3. My tree making simply involves taking out my credit card.

  4. Great presentation, brilliant idea
    Thank you for this...
    ...and for not having any child labor

  5. Great stuff lads
    Good to hear from you all