Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trench Sections and Figures

A low hill section, connected trench, and a section of Mo-Mans-Land. MDF, cut into squares, routed, then, like most of my stuff, detailed to a modest level; my friend and I have about 80 tiles between us, which is enough for a divisional sized action at an inch to 50 yards.

I've been experimenting with some figure combinations for use as Belgians as they didn't quite fit in with what I had in mind for a French colonial unit. Next, an ANZAC trench-raiding platoon, which are armed with revolvers, spade and half-pick.

Lastly, casualty stands. No prizes for painting or basing, but they make good counters. The stands you can just see in the back represent platoons that have surrendered.

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