Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wargame Buildings

Getting suitable and affordable buildings has always been difficult for me. The rules I use work better when units can actually be placed inside them, and at different levels. Here are a few pictures of my buildings

These are made using Linka moulds. Great for making buildings that look different, yet have similar apperance. Someone suggested using casting resin instead of plaster which I will eventually do. I like the Linka stuff, however, plaster is fragile and all your good work can be easily spoilt, as can be seen from the pictures.

Next is an attempt at some Asian buildings using beer coasters. These are made from bamboo and have a fine mesh backing to keep them together; alas another one of my good ideas that lacked the finishing to make them look really good. The layout is copied from the excellent Airfix Jungle Outpost set.

This is a picture from a solo game that I am playing at the moment, Poland 1939. In it there are some plastics that I made from spare parts, and a railway model.

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