Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pegasus French

Supposed to be painting all things Polish but haven't been able to put these down since they arrived.

The usual quality we've all come to know and love

Minor gaps have been filled with green-stuff, will post some decent progress in the next day or two for you. These could be contenders for the finest figures ever produced in this scale in my opinion.


  1. Excellent

    Once upon a time WWII French were impossible in all but metal and WWI French conversions

    Now we are just spoilt for choice

  2. 2 sets, but didn't the French use the same uniform in 1940 as they did in 1914-1918? One set would have been sufficient one would think, apart from maybe some of the weapons.

  3. If it helps, I use my French infantry to stand in for Poles, so you're not too far off course.

  4. Good luck with those Al!
    Since you are interested in early war operations, I reckon these will suit just fine!!

  5. Cheers boys. Maurice, I tend to agree, however, the accuracy and selection of gear is really good and sometimes it is the subtle differences that make it that much better. Tim, have actually got some HaT Polish that I'd hoped to repaint, so many projects, so little time

  6. nice figures. D0nt have it.... yet.

  7. They are written on my "must have" list :)

    Cheers :)