Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tomaszów Lubelski

The second of the three games played over Games Week 2011. This game is from the very northern part of the Polish counter attack, the so-called Northern Front. Our game picks up the action from the 23rd of September

Działanie to ma miejsce od dnia 6

German forces moved much faster than the Poles, thus gaining far better field position on the opening couple of turns

Szybsza niemiecki jednostek zdobyte lepiej dziedzinie stanowisko

German motorcycle infantry stalled the Polish left by dismounting and digging in around the only hard cover available in this area, repeated attacks by cavalry and infantry failed to move them until the last few turns of the game

Niemiecki motocykla piechoty

Polish anti tank battery moving up. The Polish armour was outnumbered by about 3/1 so this was an important unit and needed to get into action quick

German right. The dismounted motorcycle infantry is strafed by the Polish Air force causing a few casualties but not enough to force them to withdraw

One of the first Polish infantry command units to come into contact with German infantry. They were forced to halt a bit short of their objectives due to the casualties they had suffered in trying to advance so quickly - figures are by HaT and Esci
Polskie dane liczbowe z kapelusz i Esci

A couple of German panzer platoons forced out of the fight after a brush with the Polish tankettes and their supporting infantry

Extreme left of the Polish advance. One tank platoon and several infantry platoons are hit hard after a violent encounter with German panzers; despite being vastly outnumbered here they continued their advance long after it was tactically useful

Tankettes continue to hold the road. This unit attracted a lot more attention than they could hope to deal with, and their right flank advance subsequently broke down as they were forced to engage more and more German armour
SPÓŁKĘ TKS gospodarstwa linii bardzo dobrze

One of three German reserve infantry units moving up to the front - figures are mostly Pegasus

More panzers arrive near the fighting, it was hoped that these would drive left-of-center, as the Polish left was starting to make a little headway, no such luck however, Dave threw them head on into action in the only place the Poles weren't already outnumbered 2/1
Polskie siły zbrojne są danych przez 2/1 z jego przybycia z tych niemieckich czołgów

Polish 75s firing in support of infantry still pressing their attacks. These actually engaged the some panzers over over sights a bit later on with some success
75mm artylerii

When available, the Polish Airforce did all it could to strengthen any attacks still making ground. Here the German regimental gun company is strafed by mg fire, pinning them for a couple of turns - we know the Polish never used Bristols.
Ataki polskich członka niemieckiego broni palnej spółki-proszę pretekstem do Bristols:)

This anti tank gun company did well against the German armour but not enough to keep the attack moving forward in this area - scratch built guns and crews

Turn 9. Polish infantry taking cover behind a wrecked tank. This was the only area still moving forward but it was getting harder and harder as more German armour and as yet uncommitted infantry arrived to secure this part of the battlefield
Zbyt wielu Niemców do kontynuowania idąc dalej-ataku straganach

Last turn, 10. Most of the gains the Poles made were checked, there was no flanks left to get around and everywhere they were engaged it was a best even, so further attacks would merely have meant more casualties, which doesn't look good when you're deciding the outcome. This one was a draw, but if it had carried on a few more turns they would have lost. I thought this was a good outcome because the disposposition of my infantry and armoured elements was decidedly stretched. Wouldn't mind doing this battle again, but starting it from start or middle of the event, rather than near the end.


  1. Looks like it was a good game and with plenty of liquid refreshments too ;)


  2. Some great photos Al, looks like a great game.

    How are things with you ? Were you affected by the recent events over there ?


  3. Great set up and report. Keep them coming.

  4. Thanks lads, it was a good game. John, we were unaffected by the earthquakes and things have settled down since the Pike River Mine exposion, thank you for asking:)

  5. A fine fight by the looks of it. Nice to see lots of photos of the moves and also good to see Dave drinking L&P!

    Great post

  6. Fantastyczna gra oraz doskonałe modele! Cieszę się, że się dobrze bawiliście :)

    Fantastic gameplay and very nice models! I'm glad you had a good time :)

    Your Polish sounds terrible :))))

  7. Looks like a good time had by all.Gotta love those Polish tankettes.

  8. Thanks again lads. Cheers Yori, I lived in your country for a while, but not long enough to master the language, translation, subject-verb agreement, etc, ahrggg!

  9. Great stuff - impressive numbers of Polish tanks and guns. Is that an old Airfix Bf110?

  10. Cheers Tim, I think the 110 might be an old Revell number?

  11. A very tense, dramatic game. Thanks for the report - fun reading. Any chance of bigger photos next time?

  12. Ta very much, bigger photos? hmmm, will have to consult Paul the IT guy:)