Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cold War British Infantry

This is the second battalion of these I've been working on, and should have enough figures to complete an entire regiment. Painted with Vallejo English Uniform, and Citadel washes. Mostly ACTA figures.

Battalion command stand, for CD this represents a group of between five and ten men

Mortar platoon, Matchbox figures with head-swaps

LMG platoon, unfortunately not the same scale as the others, part of several such equipped figures sent to me last year from Ireland

Most figures in this unit had backpacks added for variety

One of the company command platoons, no idea what set the figure on the right comes from, couldn't find any reference to it on PSR. Anyway, it had a SLR so off with its head

A before shot of a platoon which includes a modified figure

And after

A platoon from the fourth line company wearing NBC kit

The full fourth company in NBC kit


  1. Really like these figures Al, what did you say the company was?

  2. Nice work, Al. First time that I see those figures.

  3. They look really good. You have nailed the wash down to perfection now. Great work.

  4. Good stuff

    I will have to Google ACTA :)

  5. ACTA = A Call to Arms, I don't know who did these figures originally but this company has released them as WW2 British Infantry. They are about 1/76. Cheers boys


  6. Really nice Al, NBC troops rock. The figure with the SLR at the slope arms is a Matchbox product that used to come with the diecast Military Matchbox dinkies.

    Good show.


  7. You have produced a new series of figs Al!
    You should claim for the copyrights!!
    Great conversions and painting on them!

  8. Thanks again lads. Cheers for that Paul, I did wonder why the figure was a harder plastic than normal.

  9. Some of your best conversions yet. Superb idea using the Matchbox figs with the ACTA heads.

  10. I just carried out a Matchbox figure headswap like the one in this post. By jingos you were right. The plastic is like cement!