Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dave's Russians

A few pictures of Dave's work in progress. Once complete it looks like he will have two CD3 Russian infantry regiments, including one of Guards.

Converted anti-tank rifle figures

MMGs from the HaT WW1 set

These will form LMG or possibly weapons platoons

The donor figures for that combination

Another MMG option, for variety

A couple of painted examples

Russian Guards formations have both 82 and 120mm mortar platoons

Some different figure combinations

Guards regiment, about 3/4 finished by the look of it

Standard infantry regiment, similar to a Guards one, just not quite so many supporting elements


  1. David has been busy,Kursk?

  2. Yep, funny you should mention that! Dave is hatching a plan that involves us, the army hall, and damn near every model we own between us, stay tuned

  3. Hi, Interesting figures in the photo sverhu.Eto machine gunners, but with a machine gun? Dektyarev or Vickers? Or is it anti-tank riflemen with anti-guns?

  4. Some very nice conversions.Cleverly done!

    Cheers Rich.

  5. Mak C: They are Maxims and Vickers with different crews. The anti-tank rifle stands represent a platoon equipped with the PTRS-41. Hope that answers your question?


  6. Thank you! So this platoon is better to talk with broneboyschikov.Tolko PTRD, PTRS were less common. A figure that conversion? I only saw Mars and anti-tank riflemen Zvezda, but not for the other they are not similar.

  7. Mak C. Welcome. Check out Plastic Soldier Company, nice anti-tank rifle figures. For gaming, the figures can represent any model of weapon throughout WW2.

  8. It is not clear of course, but the clip had PTRS five potronov and PTRD a patron.Tak skorostrelnost.Vozmozhno that it can be displayed in igre.Hotya possible that I'm wrong.