Friday, June 10, 2011

Russian Fedrals

This is another project that I've got on the go for inclusion in my cold war collection. The figures and a whole swag of other goodies arrived to me from Nate over at, will show the rest of it down the track. Do check out his site, huge variety of gaming material.

Orion figures in highly original and imaginative poses. For CD, this will count as a recon-patrol stand - the addition of dogs in the unit increases spotting ability

The camouflage is not particularly accurate but will do

The light hasn't done me any favours but we haven't seen the sun here for a while now, the joys of living in a rain forest!

All at about the 3/4 finished stage.


  1. You busy lad. Rainforest, thats a great name for a swamp Al.

  2. lol, yeah been busy alright, got some armoured additions coming along as well

  3. Mate, Westland District's average is 2000ml, 4000 some years!

  4. Believe it or not, here in the UK we currently have the worst drought on record - rainforest sounds good!


  5. We got a pretty bad drought here in Texas this year...with the wild fires...send us the rain...)