Friday, July 1, 2011

Cold War German Armour?

A few years ago I read a magazine article about WW2 British and US tank crews learning to operate German vehicles in case they ever had to use them against the Soviets, so these models might see some table-time for games up until the early 50s

Pegasus quick builds, assembled and painted by David Russell

No idea of their armour or guns yet, but am guessing something akin to a Hetzer?

In CD these will count as having casemate weapons, which means they cannot be positioned hull-down

It looks as though one lot was based on a Panther chassis, the other a Hetzer or possibly a PzIII

Would be interested to hear the rationale behind the manufacture of these as there is nothing comparable that I am aware of in this scale, and they seem a bit of a strange choice. Your thoughts?


  1. The shown Tanks are "E-25." E for Entwicklungsfahrzeug. These Tanks were never produced and there was no functional Prototype ever build. Only 3 Hulls were build...

    They were planned in 2 Versions: one with a 7,5-cm-PaK 39 L/48 and the other wit the 7,5-cm-StuK 42 L/70 (just like the Jagdpanzer IV Variants)

    Panzerung (Armour)

    Front oben: 50 mm / 40°

    Front unten: 50 mm / 35°

    Seiten oben: 30 mm / 38°

    Seiten unten: 30 mm / 90°

    Heck oben: 30 mm / 50°

    Heck unten: 30 mm / 40°

    Dach: 20 mm / 0°

    Boden: 20 mm / 0°

  2. Thank you, a very comprehensive answer, not as heavily armoured as I presumed then. None of the 75mm series were really match winners either, unusual choice

  3. Fascinating vehicles. I also wasn't aware that WW2 British and American crews trained on German vehicles for possible use against the Soviets -- that's quite interesting as well.

  4. Given the slope of the armour, they're not bed at all. Also, the longer of the 75s is essentially a Panther gun, which could indeed be considered a 'match winner!'

  5. Nice looking models. Very unusual.

  6. Nice painted models


  7. Nicely painted mate!
    My regards to David for his excellent work!

  8. Interesting all round Al, and great models too!

  9. Very well painting my friend !! As always