Monday, July 25, 2011

Skoda Mountain Gun

Went to start on my 4.5' Howitzers the other day only to discover that one of them was this little item, which is okay because I have a modest WW1 Austrian collection

This effort by HaT is a nice model with good detail, done in a hard plastic; unlike previous efforts from this company

Painted with Vallejo Field Blue and a light black wash; some minor touching up still to do around the wheels but otherwise complete

This pack-howitzer entered service in 1915 but its design dates back to 1911

Unfortunately all of my Austrian collection was painted a long time ago, and so owing to improved painting techniques the gun looks a lot better than the figures


  1. That will give the Austrians a mighty "kick" if they manage to deploy that up a mountain

    I do like the Hat WWI stuff

    Hard plastic is nice :)

  2. Very cool. You gotta love WWI mountain guns.

  3. A damn useful gun that - and used by pretty well everyone!

  4. Excellent color choice for the gun. Looks good!

  5. Nice looking gun mate.Good to hear they have change plastic for these, I might get a few.

    Cheers Rich.

  6. Thanks lads, I vowed not to buy any more HaT stuff until they changed their plastic, always nice to be able to change one's mind eh?