Monday, July 18, 2011

Cold War Korea

A few pictures from the third game of our Korea 85 campaign

North Korean armour on the only road leading into the South's positions.

ROK infantry formed blocking positions wherever they could, this one is about half way down the battlefield

NKP regulars on the extreme left of their line. These are some of Paul's very good conversions and are a mixture of Esci and Revell figures

About turn three, the North records its only kill against ROK armour but in so doing lost an entire company in this exchange

Ignoring heavy artillery fire Northern regulars begin to put pressure on the ROK's reserve positions. By this time the NKPA had lost most of its armoured support but the terrain didn't really suit armoured operations anyway, so they were always going to play a secondary role to the infantry

Some of the North's mech-infantry unloading close to the action

After five turns the ROK was still holding fairly good positions but were beginning to look decidedly stretched. The NKPA infantry continued to surge ahead despite have no armoured support left, and it will be interesting to see how the action around the crucial centre positions go from here on. Hopefully we can conclude this battle later in the week.


  1. Great looking game mate.Those conversion fit in very well.

    Cheers Rich.

  2. I sense doom for those commie baskets!

    Napalm sticks to reds!

    Nice report Al

  3. Great pictures. A very neglected war by wargamers.

  4. Nice photos Al, and well done for bagging one of Paul's M-48s. Are those ROCO Marders standing in for BMPs?

  5. Good figures and scenery, very nice.

  6. Nice photos and report. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out!

  7. Thanks lads, it is an unusual period to game, lots of stuff I'm not familiar with. Well spotted Tim, Paul has quite a few ROCO vehicles and other bits and pieces and he did a great job with the map set-up, stay tuned

  8. Oh the cruel demise of the armoured phalanx!

  9. A whole armoured company lost?! Damn! Pay raises to those who did the damage...