Sunday, February 12, 2012

Early War Spitfire

Finally finished my first and only Spitfire

Some very minor finishing work but ready for the table. A most remarkable aircraft, with one version or another serving from the 30s to the 50s.


  1. Looks fantastic Al! Really love the sound of a Spitfire flying about. I can almost hear this one flying across the table. Great sight.

  2. Thanks Rodger, I've been meaning to add a Spit to my collection for ages, now to plan an early war game so I get to use :)

  3. Nice job Al,I am particularly pleased that you painted the canopy framing.

    Well done!

  4. Very tidy - hopefully we'll see it in action soon.

  5. !! Very nice!! Apart from the Me 109 the only other plane (ok, maybe a JU88) outside of WWI ones that I´d like to build. I have the Airfix kit..but I daren´t build way would it turn out as well as yours.

  6. Thank you boys, very positive stuff. Paul, I dare say any kit you turn your hand to would turn out just fine, if your WW1 collection is anything to go by :)