Thursday, February 16, 2012

For Ben

This is my Great War Russian collection, but I have also used it in a few Russian Civil War games. Ben over at has started a RCW project and I thought I'd post a few pictures to show what I have. All of this part of my collection was done in the very early days of my entry into this hobby so much of the paintwork and conversions are quite crude by today's standards. Some of the pictures aren't too flash as I used my wife's Nikon D550 which is fairly unforgiving on the amateur

Based on the HaT Cossack set but includes figures from all sorts of other sets, I even raided my daughters cowboys & Indians for a couple of figures with pistols to represent officers on the command stands

Strelets Russian Lancers. Say what you like about these figures but I think some of their cavalry sets are very good, and collectors are lucky to be able to get them, as I doubt any of the established manufacturers would ever have produced WW1 Russian cavalry

These are true RCW figures by Orion. Very well sculpted in good poses, I think they might be the only RCW figures available in plastic, or at least were at the time of purchase

I have a whole regiment of cavalry

These stands represent dismounted cavalry, I think the figures are Atlantic?

Machinegun stands

This is the infantry brigade. The figures are mostly by HaT though some of the earlier additions include converted Airfix and Revell WW2 Russians  as well

Brigade engineers

Machinegun platoons, HaT and a couple of conversions from the days before you could buy Russian support weapons

Trench mortar platoons. They come in two varieties but the rules group them at the 3" level

Some of the earliest conversion attempts I tried, these represent Naval Infantry and are a mixture of all manner of figures from a couple of different eras; a few need their heads reattached :)

Think this is an Austin-Putlov. I got it from a swap-meet and although it was in a pretty sad state it was an excellent addition nonetheless. This is a resin model

Lastly another armoured car, I think by LW of Russia; it ranks up there with some of the worst kits I have ever made in terms of its engineering

 As with all of my Great War stuff the rules I use for this period is Command Decision, Over the Top.


  1. That's a damn impressive collection Al. The RCW and it's close relative the Russo-Polish war are conflicts which have long interested me - but I've never done anything about either!

  2. What a fantastic collection. Great stuff indeed.

  3. cool! nice too see those Strelets hussars painted up. got them on my painting tray now.

  4. Nice stuff! From what I could see, those figures you thought were Atlantic are part of their Russian Revolution set which was re-released by Nexus some time ago - best way to get a tiny Stalin and Lenin! The Austin-Putilov resin armoured car is a model by Leva Productions, and is an evil beast to put together.

  5. Thank you so much, this is very humbling. The choice of figures and painting is very helpful for building my armies. I am pleased to see how well the Strelets figures fit in with the others. The Hat Cossacks turned put very well, Don I suppose? The Orion set looks very good too. I noticed the armored cars on PSR the other day and will have to check up on them. Again thank you very much.

  6. Al, you've got some cracking good conversions there, I spied poses from figures that span at least 3 decades.


  7. Thoughtful comments boys, thanks. I think we could do with a few more figures for the slightly obscure periods, Russo-Polish & Russo-Japanese interest me