Saturday, February 25, 2012

Char B.1 bis Company

My latest addition to my French collection

Simple paint scheme copied from pictures off the web

No washes, ink or dry-brushing

Decals are a mixture of all I had plus a few donated by Paul

This unit represents the heavy company found in some French formations of this era, S35s make up the medium additions, R35s the lights

The next things I want to add to my French collection are more carriers and trucks so that I can upgrade the infantry component to dismounted Dragoons or mechanised infantry

Here is the command platoon. I still have three FT17s to build and paint and these, once completed, will give me a few more tank unit options, as much of this older equipment was used in the French 'B' units and 'Reserve' formations.


  1. Lovely Stuff AL

    Really like those decals
    Nice choice for those romantic Frenchies

  2. They look sooo coool! Well done!


  3. Very nice camouflage and models. I read a couple years old article about wargaming the French in WW2, if you lose, it's expected, if you win it's because of your military genius. Win win!

  4. Wonderful camouflage, I'm a bit jealous!
    P.S., do I see a France 1940 game on the horizon?

    1. Thanks Austin, 1940 is absolutely my favourite period but at present I'm working out the details for converting Operation Claymore to CD3. BTW, link added to your site mate

  5. Well done ole bean, they look deadly!

  6. Al, they are the best painted French AFVs I have seen. Well done.