Saturday, March 17, 2012

Carden Loyd Light Tank

I got this with my minor nations collection in mind. These tanks were sold to a number of countries in various  amounts, including: Holland, Greece and China to mention just a few

The paint scheme is 'factory' not representing any particular nations preference

It is a resin kit by Frontline Models, a total of four parts, nicely detailed and very good value for money

I will almost certainly get another two of these to give me a full company

Might even find a couple of decals to give it just a little more detail.


  1. What a interesting target. The scheme is lovely. Give it a dark wash to flush out some more detail.

    Good ti see you back on the modelling saddle.

  2. Graet looking tank mate, I think I have seen one at Bovington tank museum.

  3. Small wee thing!
    Nice paint job

    Look forward to see it up against an early war Mk III

  4. There's something a bit weird and special about these early war vehicles. Lovely paint job!

  5. Thanks lads.

    I've tried turning off the comment verifications, can someone let me know if this is working, or are you still having to piss around with multiple word entries?