Sunday, March 25, 2012

Commando conversions

A few pictures of the Commando stands I'm also working on

 Chris sent me some Matchbox ones last year and these have provided the bulk of current work in progress stock

Most of the Airfix figures were donations from Tim and Paul with the two stands below taking pride of place in my collection. Until now I didn't have a single one of these rare figures, so absolutely chuffed with their inclusion

These two from Tim

And, these ones from Paul

Matchbox and Airfix conversions, still a bit of green-stuff to add to these ones

Still trying to work out what to do for weapons platoons but I still have a couple of weeks up my sleeve


  1. Really nice Al, and I like the fact you take the trouble to add slings, it really annoys me that all these companies spend so much time money and effort researching, commissioning and producing whole sets of figures with no most armies it's a chargeable offence to lose your sling!

  2. Great conversions!
    Just made my first steps into the figure conversion world, so these figures are even more inspiring to me.

  3. I'm deeply impressed with the work you put in to individual figures. Nice to see the Commandos have been so well received.

  4. Nice work Al. The series 1 Airfix have come up a treat.

    Well done.

  5. Al the surgeon!
    Nice conversions there mate! I want to see them finished! :)

  6. Excellent conversions, lots of ideas for me to steal...

  7. Great conversions, I love the old Commando figures, I've got stacks of them up in my loft, from when I was a kid.

  8. Thanks boys, thoughtful as always. Stacks you say Ray?

  9. Airfix Commandos were the first figures I ever got (back in 1970). Nice to see them again!

    cheers WW