Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Great War French

Still working on my truck but got these to the touch-up stage the other night. Mostly Pegasus figures but there are a couple of Airfix and Revell in the mix too

Company command platoons

Battalion HQ, command section and LMG and MMG platoons

A few of the line platoons

The blue is a bit bright for my liking and I might try and tone this down a bit over the holidays. Anyway, a bit of progress of my own to show you :)


  1. I think the blue looks fine mate. Any progress is good progress in my book.

  2. They look good to me - I'd leave 'em as they are.

  3. I agree it looks "Horizon Blue" to me...good job!

  4. Thanks lads, maybe I'll leave as they are then... :)

  5. These miniatures are very beautiful! The period of the great war is really interesting .. the blue color in my opinion is correct.