Sunday, June 17, 2012

Reinforcement 3

Not a lot of time for myself lately but managed to finish off this last night

It was already under-coated, all I had to do was tidy it up a bit

The two of these make up an under-strength company, which was very common later in the war

I may yet add a command figure to the turret hatch, otherwise it's complete. I think this one is by Esci.


  1. I like the camouflage of the african Elefant. Nice pachyderms, Al!

  2. Nice refurb Al.The grey looks rather imposing!

  3. Only two Al? Very restrained!

  4. I think Paul's Soviet gunners in his ISU122 and ISU152 will appreciate those big crosses for aiming points but not the mighty extra long improved 88mm armament

  5. Thanks lads. Tim, two for start mate:) Geordie, thanks for confidence booster!