Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Latest Project

On the table are a number of German figures, primarily from my early war collection. In CD terms there is at least a division here, nine battalions

Trouble is of the six already complete only three are uniformed and equipped in early war style

Here are some new MMG platoons, figures are Matchbox and Airfix, both classic sets in my opinion

Here are three of the completed units that are a mess. When I started in this hobby I never really paid attention to uniform style, etc, so I've decided to redo the lot

Case in point, Revell 44-45 Panzergrenadiers in the same unit as the old Matchbox and Esci. The new unit will be at least two regiments of 1939-40 German Infantry.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this develop Al - nice one ;)

  2. What a busy boy you are Al. Good progress I hope.

  3. A division? Now you're talking my language!

  4. I wish you good paining conditions and favourable plastics my freind, may you acheive this goal you have set for yourself

  5. Lot of painting there Al. Good luck in the endeavour.

  6. The figures jumbled up in the last 2 pictures look good enough for wargaming - in fact i rather like the 'old school' look of them. But I can only wish you the best in applying your own high standards.

    Cheers, Keith.