Thursday, July 19, 2012

1940 Moroccan Infantry

One of the more ambitious projects I've tried for a while. Decent pictures were had to find, so in the end I just went with a mixture of French figures with a few head swaps

The donor figures, notice the absence of cigarettes in the background :)

Esci, Revell, and Pegasus figures

First company

Airfix, Revell, Esci, Caesar figures

Second company

HQ, eventually I'll add another couple of companies for a full battalion. As far as tabletop representations go they're okay, but as usual better research and more donor figures would have produced better results.
The uniform colours are Vallejo French tank crew. All still have some minor touching up to do. 
Thanks to Tim for the Esci French :)


  1. will you be painting the flag? or would they just of used the tri-color?

  2. What a nice idea! My first French colonial division was built using Spanish Civil War (metal) figures wearing turban or fez. The secons benefits from purpose-cast Moroccans.

  3. Are these bad boys heading for Monte Cassino mate?

    They look on the money.

  4. Nah, these ones are for early war only, though I have thought about a later war unit